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Who takes care of the models and artists at Louisa Models?

In our Munich office as well as in our Hamburg office, two seperate teams take care of all the bookings of the male and female models.

We also have our own division for hair & make-up artists and stylists in each office called LOUISA ARTISTS.

The scouting section is constantly busy. Scouting new models from all over the world and building an international career for our own new faces is a big task and keeps us always busy and alert, which is highly valued amongst our models and by our international partners.

Updating the website and feeding the blog  is a „never ending story“ and keeps our web divison busy.

Last but not least there is also the accounting department, which takes care of all invoices towards the client and effects payments to the model.

Working with a professional team like this over all these years has made Louisa Models number one amongst all German model agencies.

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